"I will be a Judge that applies the law equally to all who enter the courtroom and hold myself to the highest ethical standards."  

I was born in the small South Texas town of Alice and raised in nearby Corpus Christi.  As the grandson of immigrants and the son of parents who were raised as migrant farm workers, I know how important it is to make Justice and Equality accessible to everyone in our community. I am the proud father of three wonderful teenagers, all of whom attend Round Rock public schools.  

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I attended the University of Texas at Austin and received my law degree from Texas Tech University.  Working and raising a young family while attending school taught me the value of hard work, perseverance, and dedication.  These life experiences help me appreciate the challenges that many in our community face every day to provide for their families, and has served as inspiration for my dedication to serve.

My legal career began as a prosecutor in Dallas, followed by several years in private practice, and I currently serve our community as an Assistant District Attorney. 


My professional experience helping individuals in all areas of the legal system and working on behalf of victims has given me the perspective and balance needed to be a Judge who knows how to make our justice system work for ALL of Williamson County.